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Welcome to Koru Care Christchurch

For over 25 years, Koru Care Christchurch Charitable Trust have waved their magic wand and made dreams come true for children with different illnesses or disabilities. Koru Care provide these children with a fantabulous experience they will never forget.

Miles of Smiles

Koru Care provides special experiences for New Zealand children with serious and often on going medical conditions. These special children, aged between 8 years and 15 years old, are provided with an opportunity of a life time which is educational, fun, personally empowering and a means of further developing their social and life skills set.

You only need to see the smiles on the children's faces to appreciate what a difference this experience can make to their outlook and wellbeing!

"Koru Care you have truly made my dream come true"

Koru Care aims for these experiences to help assist these children to forget for a short time their own serious and often ongoing medical problems and enjoy themselves as children should.

Koru Care is a registered Charitable Trust reliant upon donations from community organisations and the public.

"I loved everything about the trip. Waking up each day was like waking up in heaven"


To enable Koru Care Christchurch to fund these experiences, numerous fund-raising activities are run throughout the year including Canterbury's most exciting charity auction. For further information please check our upcoming events page.

"Disneyland is truly the only heaven on earth...I have never been more happy in my life"