Koru Care Christchurch Alex
Trip of a lifetime - my speech to my school mates at St. Bede's College

My name is Alex Hock and I would like to share a wonderful, life changing experience with you. I was privileged to be selected by Koru Care to go on a trip of a life time to America. Now, you probably don’t know of the wonderful work that Koru care do? Koru Care is a charitable Trust who takes children with illnesses and disabilities on a trip to America to give them the opportunity to experience another amazing country.

Early this year, I applied to Koru Care to be considered for this trip because I have a hearing impairment. After i was selected to go! However not everyone had it as easy as me. Two of the boys in my group had bone cancer and were in so much pain they can’t even remember their chemo treatment. Another boy in are group had chrones disease and had to feed himself with a tube every night. Our carers were Pauline and Chris. They were real cool and caring people who wanted us 4 boys to have the best time ever.

The 10th of October was the big day that we were all waiting for. We were all at the airport getting ready to leave. This was quite a long wait because wheel chairs and medical equipment had to be checked in as well. When we were all, together we had a group photo taken and then it was time to say good bye to my Parents, Ben me brother and my Grandparents. Then something unexpected happened. A miracle! My younger brother was crying. Now I have proof that my brother will miss me! At 11o clock, we left to go to Auckland and we were all treated to a buffet lunch in the Koru Lounge. I loved it all! But I will just tell you about the theme parks.

Firstly we went to Disney Land this is meant to be the happiest place on earth but they still had big security guards with guns and tazers. But this did not stop me from enjoying Mickey and Minnie mouse’s house. It is like an actual functual house, with kitchen pots and pans and a tv with the First Mickey Mouse movie playing. This was a great treat!

The scariest experience was the hunted hotel twilight zone one could tell by the looks of the run down building and the screams that this won’t be a tame ride it is like an old style lift which takes you up 12 stories high to have a beautiful view over Disneyland, then just to drop you down all those stories this happened 2. That was defiantly not my favourite ride At first I need to be convinced to go on all the rides. I had never done this before, and did not know what to expect. But once I had done it was ok. Which was a real boast for my confidence!.

The second theme park was universal studios were we got to go on the studio tour were we sore were they make their movies and the x factor. My favourite ride was the Simpsons as i am a massive fan of the Simpsons.

Another theme park we visited was California Adventure Land. This is a modern version of Disneyland. My favourite ride was California Screaming. This ride was in loop and I really enjoyed it.

The last theme park we went to was Knots Berry farm. My favourite ride was the xclerator it went from 0 to 80 kph in 2.3 seconds. It was as fast as lighting. Another ride I really enjoyed was the silver bullet where you were up side down 6 times and a vertical drop = We were lucky to see the 60th anniversary of Disneyland with fire work. This was realy cool. Halfway through are trip i got a bit home sick but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I am very thankful that Koru care let me have this wonderful experience that I will never forget.