Koru Care Christchurch cody
Thank you to everyone.

I qualified to go on the trip because of my medical conditions, (hearing loss, dysplastic kidney). Other kids that went had other conditions ranging from cancer, kidney transplant, learning disabilities and heart disease. They were aged from 9- 15 years old with me being the oldest. It was a great privilege to be able to go on this trip. Not only do you have the time of your life, but you also create friendships and memories that last a life time, with all accommodation, food, entertainment all paid for at no cost to you or your family.

Entertainment involved going to San Diego, where we went to Sea World, San Diego zoo (2nd best zoo in the world), shopping at a mall next to the Mexican border. Spending the day at sea world was a unique experience (not because of the rides) but because we got the chance to interact with the dolphins which was exhilarating. When do you ever get the chance to do tricks with dolphins? The zoo was incredible with over 4000 thousand animals to see!

After 4 days in San Diego it was time to depart to Los Angeles, where we visited America’s famous land marks; Disneyland, California Adventure land, Universal Studios, and even saw the very famous Hollywood sign. Other entertainment involved visiting my famous theme park of all time “Knotts berry farm” which is where all the big rides are. But the day I woke up to go to this theme park I had I stomach bug, but this didn’t stop me from doing the rides!!! Dr Larry sorted me out so I could still carry on with the rides. My favourite ride, the Xcellerator went 132kmph for take-off! We later travelled to down town LA to watch an ice hockey game at the Staples Centre where we watched LA Kings vs Calvary Flames, a Canadian team.  My fav time of the whole trip was when we went to Knotts Berry Farm because I love scary rides like the Xcellerator.

I had an amazing time on this trip which I will never forget. This trip resulted in me having a more positive outlook on life because it has made me realise that there’s other people just like me. I made good mates on this trip. I have recently caught up with a good mate over the summer holiday period. I have Koru Care to thank for that.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped sponsor Koru Care because without you, kids like me couldn’t have this trip. I would also like to thank the amazing carers who give up their time year after year. 

From Cody